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Forest Trees

Our retreat home is nestled at a beautiful center we have all to ourselves, right on the side of Maui’s grand Haleakala Volcano – the heart chakra of the Earth

Healing Food

Our own private gourmet chef is nourishing us with delicacies grown from the super-charged land

Image by Brooke Lark
Nature Communion

Receive breathtaking views all around, commune with ancient trees and lush, sacred land in every step


Enjoy a beautiful bed and breakfast style homestead retreat center, all to ourselves

Inspired Community

Receive support and activate inspiring new friendships and collaborations with resonant visionary community, committed to anchoring Heaven on Earth

Image by Javier Allegue Barros
Bodywork & Rest

Enjoy multiple bodywork sessions

with expert healers


There will be ample rest and integration time to enjoy a private salt-water pool and hot tub

Reiki Treatment
Healing Sanctuary

An on-site yoga shala and healing temple in which to share movement, meditation, nightly sound healing journeys plus cacao ceremony and more


Our Journey 

In fusing structured guidance with spontaneity and deep listening, we trust the perfect experiences shall emerge to support us in thriving within our highest timelines.

All are invited to share their authentic genius and gifts in the ways that feel most aligned and expansive in each moment. Our continuous collaboration throughout the immersion challenges us all to meet ourselves anew while exploring new dimensions of co-creative leadership and co-facilitation.

Early on in the retreat we enjoy a day of silence over the Solstice to anchor in our intentions and desired ways of being. This time, in addition to our daily morning practice we share, is space to really be with ourselves and process our journeys thus far, preparing the foundation and support for what’s meant to emerge anew.

Each day we surrender to presence, trusting that the experiences we are meant to receive will surely emerge for us and through us. 

If we are invited to co-create our ideal experience in every way, what do we love to receive and share? How do we show up? What intentions do we hold? Here is our practice.

We close each day with an integrative sound healing and/or movement journey to more deeply attune to all of the new frequencies and ways of being we've practiced.

Healing Activities + Experiences


  • Multiple bodywork sessions with expert healers 

  • Gourmet food prepared by our own private chef

  • Sound-healing with masterful guides nearly every night

  • Cacao Ceremony + Dream Weaving Activation

  • Yoga, Movement, Ecstatic Dance, Qi-Gong and more

  • Akashic Records Group Readings

  • Guided hike to connect with Hawaiian Fern Medicine

  • Upcountry farmers market visit for local delights + gifts

  • Abundant play time in beautiful pristine nature to rest, meditate, write, reflect and download your visions + dreams

  • One full day of silence on the Solstice to be with yourself, anchor intentions + receive healing your heart is calling in

  • Group + 1:1 support before, during and after the retreat


Sacred Site Initiations + Excursions


  • Iao Valley

  • Hawaiian Fern Medicine Hike

  • Waiehe Ridge Trail

  • Lemurian Temples

  • Honolua Bay

  • Kapalua Labyrinth (Dragon’s Teeth)

  • La Perouse Bay

  • Makena – Big Beach

  • Makawao Forest Reserve

  • Haleakala Volcano Summit

  • North Shore Beach Walk

  • Kaanapali Trail – Kapalua Bay

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