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Embodied Ascension

 JUNE 19TH - 27TH 2021 

Over the 2021 Summer Solstice a Visionary Council is converging on the paradise island of Maui, Hawaii to co-create an embodied immersion into Heaven on Earth.


Embodied Ascension is a 9 day – 8 night portal designed for an intimate group of visionaries devoted to embodying their authentic selves while being powerful examples of love, presence and healing in the world.

Our retreat experience is a co-creation in every way. Through our immersion you will meet and play with some of the best sacred space facilitators, coherence guides, sound alchemists, visionary healers, and movement guides on Earth.

Together, we are pioneering a new style of intentional immersion into shared presence rooted in collaboration, co-leadership and coherence. Each participant is invited to contribute their gifts into our space as an equal co-creator in shaping our experience.


Our spirits will feel profoundly nurtured and at ease, our bodies will receive potent healing and recalibration, and our hearts will feel magnificently open, overflowing…this is the essence of ascension and exemplary leadership in the New Earth.

We are birthing new worlds that call us into new dimensions of presence, power and potency.


Let’s practice together and anchor these new ways of being we are meant to embody.

Here’s our invitation.
Tropical Leaves
Through a multitude of sacred initiations, transformational group experiences and healing immersions, we anchor, architect and receive our best-feeling, aligned realities rooted in  authenticity, ease, trust and presence.

Create the world and all the things and ways of being in it that you wish existed.

We will see it when we become it.

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 9.47.40 PM.png

Our immersion is a closed container initiating us into depth, presence, and devotion to spiritual expansion and embodied leadership. We will be committing to rituals of daily energetic practice and meditation that support our greatest awareness, attunement, and clarity.


To support this container and all of us within it, we ask that all participants agree to commit to complete sobriety for the duration of our retreat, as well as for 7 days leading up to our time together. This means abstaining from the use of any alcohol, tobacco/nicotine, and recreational/ceremonial drugs beginning June 12th and until our container completes on June 27th.


If you have any questions about this agreement or concerns about being able to uphold it, please let us know in your application.

to begin the adventure,
please complete the application herE

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